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Professional Permanent Makeup $2,700 - 3,500


Includes equipment. This course is developed at both basic and advanced levels and includes hands on training.

There is an option for expertise in traditional permanent makeup techniques and more advanced 3D (one hair at a time) methods designed to look more natural.

Learners can provide their own models for practice at no additional cost or have Agnew International provide models for $300.

Facial Meso-Therapy $2,200



Basic and Advanced certification in non-invasive tightening, firming and rejuvenation  of skin. No injections are required for this non-surgical face-lift procedure.

This course also includes all necessary equipment for Facial Mesotherapy

Body-Sculpting with Micro-currency $2,600


Advanced techniques in Micro-Currency include elimination of skin flaccidity while increasing muscle tone to sculpt the body in the shortest amount of time.

State of the art micro-currency equipment is included in the price of training.

Provide your own model at no additional cost or pay an additional $300 for Agnew International to provide one for you.

Professional Training, Equipment & Certification

Now you can empower yourself, obtaining advanced certification in Medical Aesthetics Training with Agnew International Health & Beauty Institute, LLC. Learn Permanent Makeup, Facial Mesotherapy, Cavitation for Body Contouring, Eye-lash Extensions and much more!

Advanced Facial & Body Ultrasound $3,500 - 5,500


Choose between full body and facial course and advanced facials.

Both courses include state of the art equipment and training in the latest methodologies.

Eyelash Extensions $1,200


This course includes all materials and equipment for expert application of eye-lash extensions.

Learners may bring their own models to this training at no additional cost or have us provide one for $300.

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radiofrequency $2,700-3,500


Advanced Body shaping with radiofrequency and cavitation methods break up fat and cellulite so that it flushes from the body with ease.

Course includes state of the art equipment and a choice of machine designs to fit your needs.

Provide your own model or have us provide one for you for an additional $300.

Advanced Chemical Peel Training $1,800 - 2,300


Training includes  Set of 3 Chemical Peels.
Intensive training for Chemical Peels with opportunities chemical peel solutions in an economical package.

This training replaces nervous anxiety with professionalism and expertise.

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